“Finally, You Can Easily Create Your OWN Hot-Selling Audio Products in Record Time!”

“And Take Advantage of the Exploding Market Demand for Audio Products by Exploiting the Proven Content Power of the Public Domain!”

From the Desk of Tony Laidig

RE: Audio-Based Product Creation

With ALL the buzz about the popularity of video online, you would think that creating audio products would be a waste of time…and you would be DEAD wrong! The TRUTH is that audio is here to stay for ONE simple reason…people can enjoy it on the run! Think about it…

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  • Can you read a printed book while driving your car? NO!
  • Can you read an e-book while driving your car? NO!
  • Can you watch a video while driving your car? NO!
  • Can you listen to an AUDIO while driving your car? Absolutely YES!

And THAT, my friend, is WHY you need to Create Audio Products!!

I Want to Begin Creating My OWN Audio Products Right Now!

Audio is the ONLY medium still that you can take with you literally anywhere that your MP3 player or smartphone will go. And the demand for quality audio products is only INCREASING, not decreasing for that very reason. So let me ask you…are you going to set on the sidelines and watch some OTHER marketer clean-up selling audios to YOUR customers, or are you ready to jump on this growing opportunity to Create Audio Products yourself?

Of course, when venturing into the deep waters of audio, you will STILL have the dizzying demands of…

  • Where do I get my audio from?
  • How do I record my voice?
  • I don’t have a microphone, now what?
  • Where can I find free music?
  • What types of audios can I create?
  • How I make my products available for sale?
  • What software do I need…and is it expensive?
  • How do I add intro music to my recordings?
  • Is there a lot of audio content in the Public Domain?
  • Where do I find free audio content?
  • What is a good teleconference service to use and how do they work?
  • Can I use music from the radio with my products?
  • An so on…

The whole process can appear quite intimidating for sure…which is why I am introducing:

Create Audio Products:

Audio Strategies for Creating Killer Audio/Video Products Using Public Domain Content


In “Create Audio Products,” I draw from my years of experience in the sound industry (Dad was a sound engineer), combined with my knowledge and experience with finding and working with Public Domain content, to create a comprehensive guide that explodes the product creation possibilities with audio. In “Create Audio Products,” I reveal…

  • The Five Categories of Public Domain Audio Content available to you (and explain how each one benefits you as a product creator).
  • 16 Different Types of audio-based products you can create using Public Domain content. It’s likely that you have NEVER even considered many of these.
  • The BEST places, both offline and online, to find TONS of Public Domain audio content to use however you see fit. And I’m NOT just talking about a bunch of OLD stuff. I also show you where to find current, relevant audio content on nearly ANY topic!
  • Tons of FREE and low-cost tools that make creating your own audio products super easy. Plus I show you step-by-step HOW to use those tools (see the included bonuses below).
  • You can easily layer audios together for amazing audio products, or to fit your video projects (like using Animoto.com). I show you exactly HOW to do it!
  • My Six-Step process walks you through the process of planning your audio, from determining the purpose and goal of the product to preparing the script and pulling together all the needed elements for a complete project (this alone is worth the investment).
  • How to sell you products online (and I’m NOT just talking about your own website). There are a couple sales options you probably never considered for your audio products. I reveal them in my book…they’re pretty sweet! Of course, I also cover selling on both static and blog sites as well.
  • I even include case studies (including one where I GIVE you the download page to see exactly how everything was put together).
  • And MUCH More!

“I Want to ‘Create Audio Products'”

Now I don’t know if you NOTICED the images above, but, not only are you getting my “Create Audio Products” e-book, but you will ALSO get the AUDIO book version of the e-book as well! YES…I read my book for your benefit. Hey, why teach on creating audio products if I don’t actually INCLUDE one…lol. In addition to the e-book and audio book, I am also including two special, “How-to” Bonus Videos that guide you through the audio creation process, step-by-step, to create your own audio-based products, and a whole lot more!

Special “How-to” Bonus Video #1


Creating Audio Products Using Online Tools (50 minutes)

In this video, I compare the top three free teleconference services, demonstrate step-by-step how to create audio using these FREE online tools, and show you how to embed your audios into your WordPress blogs.

Value: $97

Special “How-to” Bonus Video #2


How to Easily Create Layered Audio Products (45 minutes)

In this video, I guide you through some of the top Public Domain audio sites and show you the best ways to locate the audio files you want or need for your audio project. Then, I show you, step-by-step, how to assemble voiceovers, background music and additional sound files into a complete, layered form that is perfect for audio offerings, video projects and more.

Value: $97

Special “How-to” Bonus Video #3


Easily Turn Your Audios Into Videos (25 minutes)

In this video, I guide you through the process of turn your pre-recorded audio files into videos. Yes, audio is extremely important, but there are also many benefits to having videos of your audios as well. After watching this video, you will know exactly how to create those videos easily!

Value: $47

Special “How-to” Bonus Video #4


Tapping Into the Power of Podcasting (83 minutes)

In this video, I guide you through the power of audio in social media…with a specific focus on Podcasting. We walk through the process of creating a podcast, converting the audio files, and even uploading them to iTunes! If you aren’t podcasting, and more importantly, making those podcast available on iTunes and other podcast sites, you are missing out on a HUGE audience. This video shows you exactly how to implement podcasting into your online business!

Value: $97

Special “How-to” Bonus Video #5


Idea Formulas (3 minutes)

This video was created as an example in the “Easily Turn Your Audios Into Videos” video. But don’t discount it…the secrets I share in this short 3-minute clip are powerful!

Value: $17

Nowhere else will you find a more complete solution for creating your OWN killer audio products using Public Domain content than with “Create Audio Products.” This isn’t a bunch of rehashed BS created from cheap PLR products. NO! I’m as tired of wasting my money on that crap as YOU are. As the TOP expert in the field of working with Public Domain content and with my years of experience working as a sound engineer, I am uniquely qualified to jumpstart a whole new income stream for you that could potentially add hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to your bank account in the coming weeks and months…through Creating Your OWN Audio Products. So, Let Me Ask You a Question…

What is EXPERIENCE worth to you…especially considering the TIME savings you’ll enjoy without having to figure ALL this out yourself?

This specialized information is easily worth $197 for the e-book, the audiobook and BOTH bonus “How-to” training videos. However, because I want to see you experience an audio product creation breakthough like I have, I am going to temporarily DROP the price of “Create Audio Products” from its REGULAR price of $197 to the recession-busting investment of just $97…(you’ll save $100).

Just $197 $97

  • YES, I Want to “Create Audio Products” NOW! For the Special Price of Just $97!

I understand I’ll be instantly downloading (even if it’s 2AM):

  • “Create Audio Products” E-book
  • “Create Audio Products” Audiobook
  • “Creating Audio Products Using Online Tools” Video
  • “How to Easily Create Layered Audio Products” Video
  • “Easily Turn Your Audios Into Videos” Video
  • “Tapping Into the Power of Podcasting” Video
  • “Idea Triggers” Video

Everything’s backed by a full 30-day 100% money-back guarantee – if I’m not overjoyed by my results in that time, I’ll get every single penny I invested back without questions!